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YOGA Online

Online yoga looks set to stay complementing live, in person classes.

Teacher services....

Teaching online from your sitting room kept us moving during unexpected lockdowns (and we're very grateful) but going forward there's no excuse for not presenting more professional classes.  The studio is available to book to teach live online classes or film classes for students to access at a later date. There's plenty of space, lighting, an ethernet connection to fast broadband, no interruptions and all the props you could wish for to hand.

Not local? Come and stay for a week and film daily to build up your resources. We could  provide a photographer and / or  videographer and you'd leave with a good stock of images for your social media and promotions.

Student services....

There are some great online workshops available now but having family, pets and a lack of space at home means its not always practical to expect to get through 3 hours uninterrupted. Why not book the studio and have the space to yourself to enjoy your workshop in peace surrounded by props.

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