Hi, I'm Claire, creator of Saints Green Place... once used in WW2 to house troops it now enjoys a more peaceful role bringing yoga to the local community.


I have been practicing Iyengar yoga with my wonderful  teacher Paul Brown for the past 12 years. Yoga has made such a difference to my life both physically and mentally. Six years ago I decided to embark upon the teacher training program. I wanted to help others benefit from this practice as I have done. During my training however my husband became terminally ill. I had missed too many sessions to take my exam. Iyengar yoga teacher training was then on hold for a few years  as they decided to overhaul the system and switch to  mentor based training... then along came Covid!  I started again in 2020, now a minimum of three years training required. No worries, time passes anyway and I'll always be a student first and foremost.

Now the end is in sight! I'm in my final year and you'll find me in all of Pauls classes here and  now assisting Paul in his Thursday beginners class. I look forward to teaching next year.

For more info on Iyengar yoga, classes or venue hire please drop me an email at