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Matt Brinkley PT



The gym has been downsized as the demand for yoga over weight training increased! However we've kept the best of our equipment to make sure you can still get a good workout in. Dumbbells are  Watsons infamous "fat grip" pro. There's a Jordan squat rack which will always be free and no one will be kept waiting for you to complete your 10 sets of 10! If you like to run you won't want to be indoors, there are plenty of options outdoors with beautiful scenery & fresh air. 

Local personal trainer Matt Brinkley can be booked to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Matt utilises varied exercise methods including functional movement and interval training - achieve a fat burning workout whilst developing strength and power. Matt also specialises in disability exercise therapies, supporting individuals with any disability to exercise effectively. 

Sessions charged at £45 for guests.

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