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Health sits alongside happiness for us at Saints Green Place, which is why we have invested in the finest facilities here.

Along with a Gym, Yoga Studio and FIR Sauna, we enjoy rolling vistas, fresh country air and our organic food fuels the body as well as the soul. 

We love animals (which is why we don't eat them) and are lucky to share this patch of countryside with many furry and feathered friends. If you're outdoors here you too could stumble across the local deer, hares frolicking in the fields, geese proudly parading their goslings around and birds of prey circling overhead. The sounds of skylarks fill the summer skies, whilst bees buzz and butterflies dance on the gentle breeze to their song.

We are pleased to recommend the following local partners

Matt Brinkley, Personal Trainer

Sandra Hitchcock, Iyengar yoga teacher

Sam Waterfield, Ayurvedic therapist

Chris Branch, Osteopath.    

Notley Yoga Centre, Gong Sound Baths 

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